TSP Calculator (Active Enlisted)

Is your TSP is on track to meet your goals? Find out now:

  1. Modify average annual rate of return as desired. Default is 10% – roughly the averaged annualized return of the C Fund.
  2. Enter your effective State and Local tax rates.
  3. Select your tax filing status and enter the number of years you expect between EAS and retirement.
  4. For each pay grade, input:
    • Number of months you’ve served (or expect to serve).
    • Number of months you’ve contributed (or plan to contribute).
    • Percentage of base pay you’ve contributed (or plan to contribute).
More Details

This calculator currently uses 2021 pay scales and tax brackets, but is updated appropriately each year. FICA and federal income taxes are accounted for, as are pay increases based on cumulative time in service.

Since state and local taxes can vary and sometimes have a substantial effect over time, we left those to the user to input so he/she can get a better personal estimate of TSP projections.

Finally, and potentially most importantly, this calculator uses the entered rate of return year over year and month over month. If we could predict the market, we’d be able to tell you exactly what your TSP would be worth. Until then, understand that this is ultimately an estimated projection based on whatever average rate of return is entered by the user. This includes the years between EAS and true retirement, when the value of the TSP will continue to grow despite the fact that no further contributions are made.

A downloadable version modified for easy offline editing is available below.

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