Mortgage, Equity, and Amortization Calculator


For each section below, input the appropriate information for the home you’re thinking about buying (or already have) to see what you can expect to pay up front and over time. Scroll down to see the amortization schedule and determine what your equity is in your home at any point.


  • For the price of the new home, use the (anticipated) accepted offer rather than the assessed value, since this is what determines the terms of the mortgage.
  • Unsure of what your property tax rate will be? Find out.
  • What’s PMI? Private Mortgage Insurance – an insurance that is typically required with conventional mortgages if the down payment is less than 20%. (If you’re using a VA loan, you don’t have to pay PMI).
  • While HOA (Homeowner’s Association) fees don’t affect the terms of a mortgage, it’s useful to see how they affect your monthly payment since they are certainly part of housing costs.


There are more than 5 common mortgage types. Learn which is best for you.

Financing Calculator

The cost of interest is the true cost of a loan. See what different loans will cost you.

Learn the VA Loan

The VA Loan is a powerful wealth creation tool. Learn how to you maximize yours.

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