How To Save Time and Money with Commissary Click 2 Go and Walmart Plus

How to Set up Commissary Click 2 Go

  1. Visit Commissary Website
  2. Set Your Store
  3. Make an account. You’ll need your DOD ID number.
  4. Shop with click 2 go.
  5. Checkout and Set Pickup– they offer 30 minutes time slots throughout the day
  6. Pickup- call the store when you arrive and someone will bring the groceries out to the car. They do not accept tips for this service.

Groceries are one of the largest household expenses, and shopping can eat up a large portion of your free time. We know firsthand how frustrating this can be given the ever-changing and often hectic schedule that comes with active duty . If you’re like me, then you like going to the grocery store but always leave with extra things that you didn’t plan on buying. Walmart Plus and Commissary Click2Go are two new (and free) programs that will save you a ton of time, energy and money.

Here’s why these programs are a game changer:

  • Save Time and Energy: Whether it’s a Saturday grocery shop or a quick errand run, most of us can only go to the store on weekends or after work. These are when everyone else also goes; resulting in long lines and crowds. These services will help you reclaim that time.
  • Save Money: My wife always reminds me (correctly) that I am terrible at going to the grocery store. Even with a list, I always end up walking out with items or food that look good but that we don’t really need. These items have a way of adding up over time.
  • Consistency: Have you ever gone to the store and forgot something that you went there for? With both Walmart Plus and Click2Go you can save your orders for future use. This means you will always have the items you need from a standard shop and it will also save you significant time after your first order.

Commissary Click2Go

The Commissary is hard to beat when it comes to both prices and selection for produce and meats. Honestly, this is why we are adding it to our list of best financial perks for service members. Below is just one example of the savings you can rack up over time by shopping at the Commissary for some of your staple food items.

Commissary: $1.94/lb
Walmart: $2.98/lb

Click2Go is their new service where you can order groceries online, pay online, and then pick them up curbside or in the store. The service is free and allows you to get commissary prices without using your time to shop.

Shopping With Click2Go

I found the shopping experience to be fairly intuitive. There are a few things to watch for though:

  • Produce can come in weird units: I am used to buying grapes by the bag but they are sold in pounds.
  • 1 unit counts as 1 item in your cart. So if you add 6 bananas your cart will show 6 items.
  • Do not add items that you have not seen in your store… you won’t get them. While this is an obvious potential improvement for the service, it’s not an issue as long as you’re intentional with what you select.

Check Your Order

Always take a minute to check your order – especially for must have items. I have caught a few mistakes this way that were always quickly corrected.

Overall, this service is an awesome bonus that’s worth trying. I have had nothing but a good experience using it so far. The convenience coupled with the savings of both time and money is hard to beat.

My favorite feature is actually the ability to save your order, making future orders a breeze. Grocery shopping just went from 1+ hours to less than 20 minutes. Compliment a Click 2 Go membership with the Walmart + and you will be able to order almost anything you need without leaving the house.

Walmart Plus

Walmart Plus is an awesome compliment to Click2Go. Although I find the commissary hard to beat for food cost and selection; Walmart is a close second. Also, some things are simply cheaper at Walmart . Here are some of the highlights of Walmart Plus:

  • Free shipping on groceries ($35 minimum)
  • Free shipping (1-2 days) for non grocery items (no minimum order value).
  • Access to Sams Club Fuel Centers + 5 cents off a Murphy or Walmart Station (with gas prices at an all time high this is a huge cost saver).
  • Scan and Go: Scan the items you buy in store with your phone then scan the app at checkout instead of every item individually.

How to Get Walmart Plus For Free

Walmart Plus cost $98/year if you pay up front or $12.95/month. But there’s a way for service members to get it for free.

The Amex Platinum (also free for service members) added this membership to their already $1400 worth of annual perks. If you put the monthly plan on your Platinum card you will get a statement credit that covers the monthly plan cost. This gives you the ability to have Walmart deliver to your house for free and other solid perks.

How to Sign Up:

  • Go to the Walmart Plus Page
  • Sign Up for the Monthly Plan
  • Make your Amex Platinum the default card

Combining Click2Go and Walmart Plus

It makes a lot of sense to sign up for both these services. At a minimum, give them a shot and see if they help you save time and money. I use both. They provide a ton of perks and have definitely helped a lot. To me, the biggest advantage is being able to shop at the same low prices but not have to take my limited time to go shopping.

Earlier services allowed you the convenience but charged you a premium for it. For example, here is the same bag of Black Rifle Coffee on Prime and Walmart Plus.



Combining Both for a Greater Selection

This awesome coffee brand was not available from Click2Go which highlights another strength of Walmart Plus. The Commissary will not have the variety that Walmart does (or the cheaper store brands). This is especially true if you’re live on or near a smaller base instead of a major military area.

Both Click2Go and Walmart Plus are new tools that can save you time, money and energy. If you are like me, you’ll never want to go back to the long lines and traffic of instore shopping.

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