Passive Income for Non Accredited Investors: The Best Investment Options

Passive income is one of the most popular topics in personal finance. And for good reason! There is nothing more appealing than having monthly income show up in your bank account after doing zero work. However, getting to this point is not always a simple task. The first thing to understand is that building passiveContinue reading “Passive Income for Non Accredited Investors: The Best Investment Options”

Here’s Where the Next Bubble May Be

Increasingly, there are articles all over the news about how the next bubble is near. I have been investing and reading financial news for almost ten years now and I promise you it has always been this way. And you know what? Not a single person was writing about COVID 19 before March. That’s howContinue reading “Here’s Where the Next Bubble May Be”

What Are Stock Options?

TLDR at end The market has been on absolute tear since 2020. In times like these, investments like options come up and may seem tempting. After all, it seems like everyone else is making money with these things so why shouldn’t you? Stock options (aka options) are something that everyone knows about but few trulyContinue reading “What Are Stock Options?”

How to Invest Your Extra Money

TLDR Summary at End Okay, so maybe you’ve come back from deployment or been stuck at the house because of COVID and you’ve been able to save a nice chunk of change. It’s sitting in your bank account, (maybe a high yield one like Marcus or Ally). You know that you want to grow itContinue reading “How to Invest Your Extra Money”