Ritz Carlton: The Ultimate Military Discount

The Ritz Carlton is arguably the best military discount (outside of those offered by major credit card companies). You can easily score 50% off the lowest rate available online just by following these steps: Yes, these five star hotels frequented by movie stars and wealthy vacationers are incredibly friendly (affordable) for military customers. Let’s walkContinue reading “Ritz Carlton: The Ultimate Military Discount”

$58,125 Reasons to Buy A Car The Right Way

What if someone told you they had an investment that was going to lose 20-30% in one year with a guaranteed loss of 60% over the next five years? You’ll need to put up $30K to get in on it though. Don’t have $30K? Not a problem, they’ll loan you it and charge you interestContinue reading “$58,125 Reasons to Buy A Car The Right Way”

How I lost $7000 Investing With Margin

I have made tons of stupid investment mistakes in my life. Afterwards, I picked myself up, dusted myself off, learned from my mistakes and continued to invest regularly. Even though I learned valuable lessons, I shudder to think how much more my net worth could have been today if I had not gotten greedy. BeforeContinue reading “How I lost $7000 Investing With Margin”