Does Your Credit Score Matter?

Imagine two people, not unlike ourselves, moving into a new town for work. They’ve been asked to help head up a new branch that their employer is opening up. They hold identical positions, work the same hours, receive the same salary, and have become good friends over the past few years. A mutual contact putsContinue reading “Does Your Credit Score Matter?”

Build Your Credit Now with SeedFi

For those of us with little or poor credit, the cards seem to be stacked against us. Banks, credit card companies, and even phone companies like to see a solid credit history before offering you their products, but it’s hard to build your credit unless you have access to them. So where do we start?Continue reading “Build Your Credit Now with SeedFi”

Take Control of Your Credit

It’s rarely the case that anyone with poor credit is able to fix it overnight. The good news is our credit is entirely within our control, and there are simple, practical actions we can all take to build it. Similar to a fitness test, if we’re able to do a lot of crunches or runContinue reading “Take Control of Your Credit”