9% Yield! What are I Bonds and How to Buy Them

In This Article What are I Bonds? How do I Bonds work? How to Buy an I Bond Where do they fit into your finances? What are I Bonds? Inflation linked Bonds (I Bonds) are 30 year bonds which pay interest semiannually. They are a popular investment right now because they are currently yielding 9.62% riskContinue reading “9% Yield! What are I Bonds and How to Buy Them”

Emergency Savings Calculator

The first real taste of financial independence is when your savings are sufficient to give you peace of mind. Savings are the essential first step upon which all your future financial success will rest. Do you have enough saved? How to Find the Right Amount of Emergency Savings Whether you are just getting started orContinue reading “Emergency Savings Calculator”

What to Know About Taxes When Selling Your Home

what to know about taxes when selling your home Using the VA loan to invest in real estate is a great way for service members to achieve their financial goals. An investment property can bring in cash on a monthly basis while building equity over time. Countless service members have done this, and many moreContinue reading “What to Know About Taxes When Selling Your Home”

Tax Breaks Every Military Family Should Know

The Most Relevant Tax Breaks for Military Families Military life is uniquely challenging for both the service member and their families. Fortunately, there are plenty of lucrative tax breaks that you can take advantage of through deployments or frequent moves. Here are the ones you should know: Combat Zone Tax Exclusion Home Sale Tax ExclusionContinue reading “Tax Breaks Every Military Family Should Know”

Key West:The Best Military Discount

How to Get the Best Military Discount in Key West The Navy Gateway Inn and Suites (NGIS) has Vacation Rentals available for active duty military members. These are 3 bedroom, fully furnished townhouses that house up to six people. Here’s how you book them: Go to the NGIS Key West Website Enter your stay informationContinue reading “Key West:The Best Military Discount”

Mortgage, Equity, and Amortization Calculator

Mortgage Quick Links Mortgages There are more than 5 common mortgage types. Learn which is best for you. Financing Calculator The cost of interest is the true cost of a loan. See what different loans will cost you. Learn the VA Loan The VA Loan is a powerful wealth creation tool. Learn how to youContinue reading “Mortgage, Equity, and Amortization Calculator”

How Much Car Can I Afford?

How much car can I afford? How much car can I afford?A vehicle is a large purchase that can greatly impact your month to month finances so the answer to this question is important. In order to buy a car responsibly, we recommend buying a car that costs no more than 15% of your afterContinue reading “How Much Car Can I Afford?”


What is Fundrise? Fundrise is a Real Estate Investment Trust. Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) A company that owns, operates or finances income producing real estate Reit.com Fundrise is professional real estate investment company that buys cash flowing properties such as apartment buildings or single family homes. These properties are grouped based on performance andContinue reading “Fundrise”