Mortgage, Equity, and Amortization Calculator

Mortgage Quick Links Mortgages There are more than 5 common mortgage types. Learn which is best for you. Financing Calculator The cost of interest is the true cost of a loan. See what different loans will cost you. Learn the VA Loan The VA Loan is a powerful wealth creation tool. Learn how to youContinue reading “Mortgage, Equity, and Amortization Calculator”

How Much Car Can I Afford?

How much car can I afford? How much car can I afford?A vehicle is a large purchase that can greatly impact your month to month finances so the answer to this question is important. In order to buy a car responsibly, we recommend buying a car that costs no more than 15% of your afterContinue reading “How Much Car Can I Afford?”


What is Fundrise? Fundrise is a Real Estate Investment Trust. Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) A company that owns, operates or finances income producing real estate Fundrise is professional real estate investment company that buys cash flowing properties such as apartment buildings or single family homes. These properties are grouped based on performance andContinue reading “Fundrise”

What Will Your TSP be Worth?

The links above open an easy-to use tool (specific to your duty status) that gives you an estimate of your TSP value at retirement. In addition to duty status, it takes into account factors many basic interest calculators dont, including increasing base pay based on rank and years of service, taxes, time from EAS untilContinue reading “What Will Your TSP be Worth?”