How To Save Time and Money with Commissary Click 2 Go and Walmart Plus

Groceries are one of the largest household expenses, and shopping can eat up a large portion of your free time. We know firsthand how frustrating this can be given the ever-changing and often hectic schedule that comes with active duty . If you’re like me, then you like going to the grocery store but alwaysContinue reading “How To Save Time and Money with Commissary Click 2 Go and Walmart Plus”

The Best Way to Use the $200 American Express Travel Credit

American Express has been on a streak adding new benefits to their flagship Platinum card. Their latest addition is a $200 travel credit. This is on top of the $400 in offers that were released last month and in addition to their airline credit. What: $200 Travel Credit for travel booked through Includes airfare,Continue reading “The Best Way to Use the $200 American Express Travel Credit”

Ritz Carlton: The Ultimate Military Discount

The Ritz Carlton is arguably the best military discount (outside of those offered by major credit card companies). You can easily score 50% off the lowest rate available online just by following these steps: Yes, these five star hotels frequented by movie stars and wealthy vacationers are incredibly friendly (affordable) for military customers. Let’s walkContinue reading “Ritz Carlton: The Ultimate Military Discount”

Where to File Your Taxes For Free

Disclaimer: We are not tax professionals. This article is not tax advice. It’s purpose is simply to inform you about your options this tax season. In addition, we are member supported, some of the links on this page are affiliate links . When you use these links we may make money at no cost toContinue reading “Where to File Your Taxes For Free”

How to Invest $700 of Other People’s Money Every Year

Disclaimer: If you don’t have a spouse or a long-term roommate, just skip this article. We’ve talked a bit about expenses in our articles Personal Cash Flow and Get Your Finances on Track and how beneficial it can be to minimize them every month. There are hundreds if not thousands of little tips and tricksContinue reading “How to Invest $700 of Other People’s Money Every Year”

How to Manage Your Money and Get Your Finances On Track

The very thought of budgeting and personal finance is enough to make some people’s skin crawl. Setting aside money for a savings account and limiting how much you can spend going out not only sounds boring, it sounds like it would make the rest of your life boring too. Additionally, it’s hard to know whereContinue reading “How to Manage Your Money and Get Your Finances On Track”

$58,125 Reasons to Buy A Car The Right Way

What if someone told you they had an investment that was going to lose 20-30% in one year with a guaranteed loss of 60% over the next five years? You’ll need to put up $30K to get in on it though. Don’t have $30K? Not a problem, they’ll loan you it and charge you interestContinue reading “$58,125 Reasons to Buy A Car The Right Way”

How to Invest Your Extra Money

TLDR Summary at End Okay, so maybe you’ve come back from deployment or been stuck at the house because of COVID and you’ve been able to save a nice chunk of change. It’s sitting in your bank account, (maybe a high yield one like Marcus or Ally). You know that you want to grow itContinue reading “How to Invest Your Extra Money”

What To Do With Your Stimulus Check

Whether you received $600 or more, I think we can all agree that stimulus checks are pretty sweet. The danger with stimulus checks is that it’s easy to spend money that’s not yours. Because you didn’t “earn” the money you are not attached to it. This is actually an emotional bias known as the windfallContinue reading “What To Do With Your Stimulus Check”