Auto Loan Calculator


For the car you’re considering buying, input:

  • The price you expect to pay for it
  • Down Payment
  • Loan term (years)
  • Annual interest rate
  • First payment date, if desired

For your current car, input:

  • Expected trade-in value
  • Balance remaining on your current loan

Optional Additional Fees:

  • Monthly Insurance
  • State Sales Tax
    • Most states offer a bit of a tax break on the purchase of a new vehicle if you trade in your current car. The states that do not offer this tax break are California, Hawaii, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Montana and Virginia. Note that sales tax is paid to the state in which the vehicle is registered (usually a service member’s home of record), not necessarily the state the car was purchased in. If you’re registering your vehicle in one of the states listed above, choose “No”. Otherwise, choose yes.
  • Registration and Title Transfer Fee.

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