Free $400 With These New American Express Platinum Offers

Amex Platinum is notorious for being one of the most lucrative cards you can own.  Due to Covid-19, less people have been travelling, so Amex has been offering more deals in the everyday realm. If you are an Amex Platinum member then you may or may not have heard of the awesome deals they are currently running. To sign up for these deals open the Amex app>select the platinum as your card>offers. If you don’t currently have an Amex platinum check out our article on why you should get one.


These deals apply to online purchases. They cannot be redeemed in store.

Home Depot

Spend $50 and get $50 back. You can use this twice. Literally whatever you buy the first fifty dollars is free. There is no reason to miss out on this, we’re talking free money.  Home Depot offers free shipping on most items that are over $45.

Valid Until: June 30th 2021

Best Buy

Spend $50 or more and get $50 back. You can also use this twice. Those headphones you’ve been eyeing for a while? Totally free. When you make a Best Buy Account you get free shipping on orders of more than $35 or free next day shipping for a lot of items.

Valid Until: June 30th 2021

Wine Insider

Spend $30 or more and get $30 back. Up to two times. Free wine people! Shipping is $14.95 so keep that in mind when ordering

Home Chef

Spend $50 or more and get $50 back.You can use up to twice. I have been hemming and hawing with food subscriptions for a while. Although they can cost more than going to the grocery store they have two major benefits:

  • Keeps you from buying unnecessary shit at the grocery store. (I’m guilty as charged.)
  • The convenience of having pre built meals is huge when you come home from a long day. The meals are healthy,tasty and they are definitely easier than trying to piece together stuff from your fridge. This keeps me from ordering unhealthy  take out during the week.

HomeChef offers 50% off your first order and 10% off future orders for military, first responders etc. Combining this with the Amex offer gives you two weeks of basically free groceries.

Here’s how we played it: A meal kit for two people with six meals will cost $114.87 including shipping.

50% off with military discount= $57.44

$57.44-50.00 for Amex groceries= $7.44 for a weeks worth of convenient healthy food

You get 10% off your next order (military) and still have another $50 back from Amex.

Box for two people with three meals costs $60.93.

10% off: $54.84

$54.84- $50= $4.84 for another three meals.

Another way to sidestep the military discount is to use this link for $30 off your first two boxes. You cannot combine this with a military discount.


You can double dip with both the $30 off from the link and the military discount with the Amex discount. This is because the Amex discount is not applied as a voucher or discount code on the HomeChef website, it is a separate statement credit that is refunded to you by Amex.

Bonus: PayPal Monthly Credit

Amex is now offering up to $30 month in statement credit (through June 30th) for purchases using PayPal and your Amex Platinum. Simply enter your Platinum information into your PayPal account and then use your PayPal account for checkout. The only catch is you need to shop at a website that allows you to use PayPal to checkout. There is no single comprehensive list but you can find a list a lot of sites here.

The Amex Platinum is a useful tool for making your money go further. For military members and their spouses it is completely free. You can see a complete breakdown of all the perks and sign up bonuses here . At Money Gouge we’re always looking for the latest ways to make your money go further. Subscribing to our newsletter will allow you to get the latest gouge delivered directly to you. No spam ever. We hate that shit too.

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